Medical Records

Release of Information Policy

  • ADC Staff will never under any circumstances release Medical Record Information without a signed Authorization Form (Primary clinics exempt).
  • Patients / Representatives may request a copy of their Medical Health Information record by completing and signing an Authorization Form (ADC employees cannot fill out / alter an Authorization in any way for any reason).
  • All patient Medical Health Information requests will be completed within 7-14 business days.
  • Patients / Representatives must fill out separate Authorization forms for each person/facility.
  • ADC will only release records that were created and maintained by our Providers and clinic. We will not release records received from other clinics or providers, these records must be requested from the originating facility.
  • ADC will provide records through mail, fax or Patient Portal only.
  • ADC will provide records to another Facility / Provider without a patients signed authorization, strictly for Continued Care. These records will be restricted to information only pertaining to a specific issue.
  • Continued Care is defined as coordination and sharing of information between different facilities / Providers for the overall benefit of patient needs for treatment purposes.

**HIPAA Privacy Rule permits a health care provider to disclose protected health information about an individual, without the individual’s authorization, to another health care provider for that providers treatment of the individual**