Cosmetic Staff

Advanced Esthetics (AE): Our Qualified Team

Ruth RustadDr. Ruth Rustad is the medical director of Advanced Aesthetics (AE). As Medical Director of AE, Dr. Rustad provides AE’s patients with the most current, medically-proven cosmetic treatments available. She keeps up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and treatments. Dr. Ruth Rustad has taught cosmetic procedure courses to the Advanced Esthetics staff, as well as other dermatologists and PAs in the community.

Our team of certified cosmetic specialists consists of physicians, specially-trained medical assistants, nurses, and certified physician assistants. All of our Certified Cosmetic Specialists (CCS) have received careful and extensive training in the various cosmetic procedures offered at AE.

Our physicians have broad and widespread training well beyond their medical school and residency training. They also continue to seek out and complete specialized continuing medical training courses for the various cosmetic procedures offered at AE. Our PAs have a mix of continuing medical education courses, as well as specialized AE in-depth courses. Our nurses and our other cosmetic specialists have received extensive training from in-depth and extensive courses and testing protocol required at Advanced Esthetics.

All of AE’s Certified Cosmetic Specialists have over 1,000 hours of training, which includes lectures, demonstrations, practice sessions, written and practical tests, periodic reevaluations with review of information, uniform standards for evaluation and verification, and additional practice sessions to maintain and increase their expertise. Our advanced and rigorous training provides you with the best medically-proven procedures for cosmetic dermatology in Minneapolis, MN.

Cosmetic Care Specialists

lisa-hauseLisa Hause, CMA, Cosmetic Care Specialist (CCS)

Lisa obtained her education in medical assisting from Northeast Metro Technical College and has been working as a Certified Medical Assistant since 1987. Her first 16 years of work was in a family practice clinic where she performed lab and nursing duties.

Lisa has been with ADC since 2003, working with medical and surgical patients, and began providing cosmetic treatments since 2006 after completing her training as an AE Cosmetic Care Specialist. She enjoys her free time with her husband and two children, and is active with boating, and playing softball.

Chris LaRue, CMA, Cosmetic Care Specialists (CCS)Chris LaRue, CMA

Chris joined ADC in June 1996, with prior experience in Dermatology. She has been working as a Medical and Surgical lead with ADC. She oversees and assists with a variety of procedures, such as MOHS surgery, excisions, Facelifts and liposuctions.

Chris has recently expanded her interests to include additional cosmetic services and procedures. In her spare time, Chris enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her sons and grandson. She is also an avid baseball fan. Go Twins!


Samantha Graslee, Licensed Esthetician, Cosmetic Care Specialist

Samantha graduated with honors from the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. She is a licensed Esthetician and is very passionate about skin care and getting the best results for all of her patients. Samantha is certified in facials, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, medical-grade chemical peels, microdermabrasion, MiraDry, and MicroPen.

She prides herself on doing state-of-the-art laser treatments and enjoys working together with her patients to achieve this goal and the individual goals of her patients.

Jessica Byrnes, Licensed Esthetician, Cosmetic Care Specialist

Jessica received her Esthetician certification through Saint Paul College and is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2013, with her minor being in Human Relations; she embraces diversity and is passionate about forming positive relationships. Being part of a successful team at Advanced Dermatology Care gives her the opportunity to serve patients with the latest emerging trends in the cosmetic industry.

Jessica’s passion of esthetics and her connection with others cannot be overlooked, as she realizes the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether it is performing the latest in cosmetic treatments or partaking in a journey of skin renewal and transformation, the success she feels on a day-to-day basis is due to the satisfaction of her individual responsibilities as a team player, and assures her particular contribution is helping her patients achieve stellar results.

Natalie Meuers, Licensed Esthetician, Cosmetic Care Specialist

Natalie received her Esthetician education from Saint Paul College and is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology. Natalie is also a Certified Laser Technician through Luxury Laser Edu. She has been trained on many different lasers and treatments.   Natalie has a passion for giving each patient the best results possible and helping them feel confident in their own skin.   She customizes each treatment for each patient and their specific needs. Natalie performs micropen, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, miraDry, facials, and much more!

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