truBody is the powerful body contouring duo,
truSculpt + truFlex:
or truSculpt iD + truSculpt flex

truSculpt is a clinically proven, body-contouring, fat-burning & skin tightening treatment.
– Featuring a clinically proven average of 24% fat reduction.

truFlex is a clinically proven, strengthening, lifting, building and toning body treatment for men and women.
– Featuring a clinically proven average increase in muscle mass by up to 30%.

Adjust placement, duration, pattern and intensity
to take you beyond your goals.
-Treat both large and small areas
-Selectively target muscles
One of the fastest fat reduction treatments;
complete body sculpting treatment in as little as 30 minutes.
-Delegable, hands-free treatment
-No downtime
-Treat between 6-8 areas simultaneously
Treat fat in a single session.
-Average 24% fat reduction per treatment area
-Up to 30% increase in muscle mass
-Results after one treatment series
• 15-minute treatment options
• 24% average fat reduction in 1 treatment
• 30% increase in muscle mass
• A complete body sculpting treatment in 30 minutes
• Results in as little as one treatment
• 3 different muscle sculpting modes, equivalent to 5 different exercises
• Real-time temperature control for consistent results
• Equivalent to 54,000 contracts per session
• No BMI restrictions
• Safe on all skin types
• FDA cleared
• Customized treatments that can sculpt challenging areas, large and small.
• No downtime and can immediately resume to everyday activities 





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