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    Release of Information Policy ADC Staff will never under any circumstances release Medical Record Information without a signed Authorization Form…

  • Terri's Story 

      Terri is an Advanced Dermatology Care patient and Melanoma Survivor. Read her inspiring story below to learn how she caught her Melanoma skin cancer…

  • Melanoma Risk Factor Quiz 

    Melanoma Risk Factor Quiz Signs of an usual mole include what is known as A,B,C,D,E: As is for Asymmetry is when the two halves of a mole don’t…

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    Dermatology Consultants St Paul - Updates, News, and Blog Postings from Advanced Dermatology Care of St. Paul Minnesota.

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    Advanced Dermatology Care skin doctors in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. Drs O.J. and Ruth Rustad, MDs.

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    St Paul Dermatology - visit ADC at one of three convenient location for all your skin care needs.

    • White Bear Lake 

      Make appointment with Dr. OJ Rustad, board certified dermatologist in White Bear Lake and the greater St. Paul region.

    • Stillwater 

      Visit Drs OJ and Ruth Rustad in Stillwater for medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

    • Forest Lake 

      Book an appt. with Drs O.J. and Ruth Rustad in Forest Lake for all your skin doctor needs.

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    Skin doctors extraordinaire, Drs Ruth and O.J. Rustad in St. Paul at 651-484-2724, for all skin related issues.

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      Please submit an application for employment at Advanced Dermatology Clinic with locations in White Bear Lake, Forest Lake and Stillwater, MN.

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    Drs Ruth and OJ Rustad are skin specialists providing expert skin care treatment for medical, surgical and cosmetic skin related issues.

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      Skin Care Patient Forms | Advanced Dermatology Care with St Paul locations.

      • Medical Records 

        Release of Information Policy  ADC Staff will never, under any circumstance release Medical Record Information without a signed Authorization Form…

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      Patient testimonials and reviews for the skin doctors and providers at ADC Derm in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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        Please take a minute and leave a Google Review Here, or fill out the form below. We really appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve our service and…

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      Make your skin doctor appointments in St. Paul or Minneapolis with Dr. Rustad by phone or online.

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      Shop the awesome online skin care products from ADC online retail store.

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      Get all your skin doctor dermatology information and bill pay options at ADC - Advanced Dermatology Care in St. Paul and online.

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        Dermatologists in St. Paul, ADC, create an online account to get patient information and pay bills.

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      Looking for a skin doctor clinic near you? ADC is a St. Paul dermatology clinic with three convenient locations.

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    Professional skin care in St Paul from Advanced Dermatology Care provides premier dermatologist related skin care problems serving the metro area.

    • Monthly Specials 

      Advanced Dermatology Care offers monthly skin care specials with both products and treatments.

    • Mohs Surgery Photos 

      MOHS surgery specialists Dr. Olaf Rustad shows before and after photos of patients undergoing this cancer removal surgery.

    • SkyMD 

      Online skin care doctor virtual clinic visit from Dr's Ruth and OJ Rustad and staff will provide online consultation.

    • Medical 

      Dr. O.J. Rustad, owner of Advanced Dermatology Care located in St. Paul, MN, will evaluate your acne and determine the optimal treatment modalities to clear up…

      • Photodynamic Therapy 

        Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is used for the medical treatment of actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions), cosmetic treatment of sun-damaged skin (solar…

      • Chemical Peels 

        Acne treatments using chemical peels and other modalities are available from the expert staff at Advanced Dermatology Care.

      • Microdermabrasion 

        In Minneapolis and St. Paul, dead skin cells that have become sticky with maturity and contribute to a thicker, dull complexion are removed with this procedure,…

    • Surgical 

      Dr. O.J. Rustad, MD provides Mohs and other types of skin surgery.

      • MOHS Surgery 

        Mohs surgery in St. Paul, Minnesota is performed by Dr. O.J. Rustad to pursue skin cancer, often on the head and face area.

    • Cosmetic 

      Ruth Rustad, MD provides expert medical and cosmetic dermatology services in St. Paul & Mpls, including botox, facelift, microdermabrasion and more.

  • About 

    St. Paul, MN dermatologists offering cosmetic, medical and surgical treatment options serving east central Minnesota.

    • Pageant 

      Advanced Dermatology Care is proud to be the skincare sponsor of the 2017 National Miss Junior High, High School, and Collegiate America Pageant. The Miss…

    • Community Involvement 

      ADC Dermatology is involved and supportive of the Minnesota communities we serve.

    • Affiliations 

      Visit the skin cancer and cosmetic dermatologists in St. Paul - Advanced Dermatology Care.

    • Cosmetic Staff has all the information for the skin care specialists at Advanced Dermatology Care.

      • Ultra Slim 

        UltraSlim Patient Brochure How does UltraSlim work? Welcome to non-invasive body slimming!  We use American-made, FDA-cleared red light…

      • How to Choose 

        With locations in White Bear Lake, Forest Lake, and Stillwater, ADC covers the greater St. Paul, MN region.

    • ADC 

      Advanced Dermatology Care provides medical diagnosis, surgical and cosmetic solutions for adult and pediatric skin problems.

    • Support Staff 

      The expert staff at ADC offers premier skin care and acne treatments for all types of skin problems.

    • Medical Staff 

      Dermatology specialists from Advanced Dermatology Care provide cosmetic, surgical and medical skin care services to the greater Twin Cities Metro area.

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    Advanced Dermatology Care - 651-484-2724 - provides premier dermatologist cosmetic, medical, & surgical treatments in Minnesota.