Systemic & Biological Medicines Alert

Dear Valued Patient,

As information regarding the response to the COVID-19 coronavirus changes daily, we are doing our best to update you as quickly as we can.

As your medical providers, we feel that it would be best for you to exercise caution regarding systemic or biologic therapy at this time for your psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Our recommendation has always been to briefly hold off, and to not give yourself your next dose, if you have a moderate to severe respiratory infection. This is especially applicable now. Even if you don’t have an infection now, the COVID-19 spread risk is great at this time. Although there is no specific research regarding the use of systemic or biologics and the coronavirus as of today, we do recognize that there is an increased risk of infection.

Therefore, we are being cautious, and recommending that you temporarily stop your use of your medication duringthis time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

These medications include biologics:

This recommendation also includes systemic medicines:

During this period, we recognize that your psoriasis symptoms may recur at some point without your medication. We and our team are working vigorously to implement E-Visits to continue to be able to serve you. We may then, be able to assist you in your care in this manner. We anticipate E-Visits to be available, possibly as early as next week. Please check our website, for information as to when E-Visits will be available, and how to access E-Visits when they become available. We noticed you have not signed up yet, or completed your enrollment on the patient portal. For more information, or for real time information, please go to our website,, to sign up for the Patient Portal.