How to Choose Your Cosmetic Specialist

There are many respected practitioners who perform facial rejuvenation techniques. Of the many factors to consider, price is only one of them. Here are some criteria to help make the choice of the right practice easier.

Here are some questions to consider in choosing a clinic for cosmetic procedures:


Are the cosmetic providers medically qualified?

At Advanced Esthetics, our physicians are licensed, and are Board Certified/Board Eligible. Our Physician Assistants are all Certified as PA-C. All of our providers are in good standing with the Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice.

What type of training do the Advanced Esthetics Cosmetic Specialists have?

At Advanced Esthetics, our team of Cosmetic Care Specialists consists of physicians, certified physician assistants, nurses, and our specially trained medical assistants. Our exclusive focus is in dermatology, the medical specialty of the physiology in science, study and art of therapeutics of the skin. As skin care specialists, all of our Cosmetic Care Specialists (CCS) have received thorough, careful and extensive training in the various dermatologic cosmetic procedures.

This training greatly exceeds Minnesota training standards. All of AE’s CCS have over 1,000 hours of training, which includes lectures, demonstrations, practice sessions, both written and practical tests, as well as periodic reevaluations with information update and reviews, uniform standards for evaluation and verification, and additional practice sessions to maintain and increase their expertise.

Our physicians have broad and widespread training well beyond their medical school and residencies training. They continue to seek out and complete specialized continuing medical training courses for the various cosmetic procedures offered at AE. Dr. Ruth Rustad has taught dermatology and cosmetic procedures courses to the Advanced Esthetic staff as well as to other Dermatologists, Primary Care Physicians, and PAs in the community and nationally. Our PAs (Certified Physician Assistants) have completed various continuing medical education courses as well as specialized AE in-depth courses.

Our Nurses and our other Cosmetic Specialists have received extensive training from in-depth and extensive courses and testing protocol required at Advanced Esthetics. Currently, residency training programs do not provide specific training in many cosmetic procedures, and there is no standardization required for board certification in these fields regarding cosmetic procedures.

At Advanced Esthetics of Advanced Dermatology Care, we recognize that our Cosmetic Care Specialist’s training far exceeds current training requirements both of Board Certification standards as well as that of the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. The experience, training, skill and expertise are the important factors to consider.

Our advanced and rigorous training provides you with the best medically proven cosmetic treatments available under on-site medical supervision. Relax and enjoy receiving AE procedures to enhance and improve your skin’s health and appearance, knowing you are in well trained and competent medically trained hands!

Do the medical providers actually see and treat patients at the clinic?

At Advanced Esthetics of Advanced Dermatology Care, our medical providers are always on-site*, and available to deal with any potential questions or complications that may arise.

*In many clinic/salon/medispa settings, there is merely a written agreement with an off-site doctor in exchange for financial compensation in order for the spa to purchase medically controlled products/lasers (such as Botox, dermal fillers, etc)

Is a complete medical history taken and reviewed by the medical providers (MD or PA-C)?

At Advanced Esthetics of Advanced Dermatology Care, we recognize that one’s medical status has a significant impact on one’s cosmetic care. Working to identify those individuals who are appropriate candidates for cosmetic treatment as well as those who should not have cosmetic treatments is an important advantage of seeking cosmetic care at a medical practice. Identifying those individuals who should not have cosmetic treatments is very important to avoid aggravation of underlying medical conditions as well as identifying those who would not gain benefit from these treatment, and thus waste their time, energy and money. We have your best interests at heart.

Is a complete consultation provided prior to treating?

At Advanced Esthetics of Advanced Dermatology Care, we know that gathering information, clarifying expectations as to what is or isn’t possible, discussing individual requirements, medical history (as above), details of the treatments, explaining side effects, pre-treatment instructions and post-procedure requirements are all important information for discussion at a consultation.

In addition, analyzing one’s specific skin problems, issues and needs are important to determine prior to beginning treatment.

The consultation should provide an opportunity to answer questions, to determine whether your expectations of the treatment are realistic, how long the effects will last, and the cost of the treatments. An opportunity to view before and after pictures of photographs of previously treated individuals is provided. In addition to a thorough discussion tailored to your individual needs and objectives, written information is provided as well.

Are expectations clarified as much as possible?

At Advanced Esthetics of Advanced Dermatology Care, we make every effort to clarify treatment expectations, by thorough discussions, photograph analysis, treatment costs, and providing information so that one may truly make an informed decision regarding treatment.

Are before and after pictures available?

Viewing the AE photo album with before and after pictures of our actual patients can help provide information as to the actual results achievable. Most of the pictures highlight the areas treated, and the individuals are not identified or identifiable. A few of our patients have been so pleased with their results that they’ve even allowed the use of their entire face.

Are periodic re-evaluations available?

Receiving cosmetic procedures is part of one’s on-going process to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Reevaluation and photographic Visia analysis is periodically performed.

Are medical and cosmetic treatments combined?

Although a medical visit and cosmetic visit may be scheduled on the same day for convenience, the two types of visits are separated, as some medical insurances will not cover a medical visit if it includes a significant amount of cosmetic treatment. Our cosmetic specialists have observed medical problems during a cosmetic visit, and can arrange for expedient medical care if warranted. This has proven to be a significant advantage for many of our patients. This has also been a life-saving experience for many of our patients, as the dermatologic background of our CCSs noticing unusual skin lesions has led to the diagnosis and early treatment of carcinomas and melanomas in many of our patients.

Does the clinic offer post-treatment support?

Immediately after treatment, both verbal and written post-care instructions are provided. Depending on the service, a follow-up phone check up is provided, as well as instructions to call AE with any concerns or problems. If there is any question or concern, a follow up visit is immediately arranged for that day or the next day. We want your care to go well!

To determine if you would benefit from consultation for cosmetic dermatology services, please call 651-484-2724 to schedule a consultation at Advanced Esthetics.

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