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Dermatology as a Medical Specialty

Dermatology is the medical specialty that relates to any concern that pertains to the skin, hair and nails. We understand the relationship between internal disorders, the environment, and skin. Our training allows us to make accurate diagnoses by carefully examining the skin, taking skin samples, performing allergy patch testing, or having blood tested. Once a diagnosis is made, the appropriate medical and/or surgical treatments are recommended.

We use a range of simple to highly sophisticated instrumentation to obtain the best possible cosmetic and functional results. These techniques include cryotherapy (freezing) or photodynamic therapy to remove precancerous growths and warts, and surgical removal of tumors accompanied by the necessary reconstruction. Laser and IPL® (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments are available in our office. Laser technology is helpful in treating facial veins, birthmarks, pigmented lesions and tattoos. Photorejuvenation can be done in a series of treatments to help with skin tone, pigmentation and texture. ADC offers the following medical and surgical treatments.

Medical and Surgical Treatments

  • Acne (Accutane, cyst injections, acne peels, blue light, lasers, microdermabrasion, topical medications and surgery)
  • Age spot removal (alpha or beta hydroxy acid creams, bleaching creams, chemical peels, cryotherapy, laser surgery, microdermabrasion, IPL® and prescription topical medications
  • Birthmark treatment (laser surgery, IPL® and surgical excision)
  • Earlobe repair for torn or elongated earlobes; surgical repair
  • Face and leg vein therapy (cautery, laser surgery, IPL® and injection sclerotherapy)
  • Hair loss (medical evaluation, Propecia)
  • Mole evaluation and surgical removal
  • Removing unwanted hair (IPL®, oral and topical medications, lasers)
  • Scars and wrinkles (Botox, injection of dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, CoolTouch laser and surgical revision)
  • Skin cancer (laser surgery, Mohs Skin cancer removal, scalpel surgery and skin repair)
  • Skin rejuvenation (alpha and beta hydroxy acid, chemical peels, laser surgery, microdermabrasion, photodynamic treatment, IPL®, skincare products and tretinoic acids)
  • Tattoo removal (dermabrasion, laser surgery, IPL®, surgical excision and Tangent removal system)
  • Wart removal (including medical, surgical and laser options)

what's new

New laser for psoriasis treatment

Advanced Dermatology Care will now be offering the innovative new laser for psorasis treatment and vitiligo treatment, the PHAROS EX-308.
The “Excimer” laser  works by delivering ultraviolet light to the skin and is indicated for mild to moderate psoriasis treatment.

Achieve result with this safe, effective, no downtime procedure.



The “Excimer” Laser can treat Vililigo more effectively, safely, and conveniently than topical creams, UVB booths and PUVA.


image 7image 6

FDA clears Adalimumab (Humira) for Hidradenitis Suppurativa- Acne inversa

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a disease that usually begins as pimple-like bumps on the skin. The pimple-like bumps tend to develop in places that everyday pimples do not appear. HS is most common on the underarms and groin.


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