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Advanced Esthetics (AE)
Cosmetic Dermatology Division of ADC

Advanced Esthetics is pleased to offer cosmetic consults & treatments for your skin care needs in cosmetic dermatology in St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas. Your consultation with our cosmetic specialists will allow for assessment of your specific areas of concern and discussion of viable treatment options. The $95 consult fee may be applied toward the cost of your first treatment if performed within three months. The consultation fee is waived for our current Advanced Dermatology Care medical patients.

Our Qualified Team

Our team of certified cosmetic specialists consists of physicians, specially-trained medical assistants, nurses, and certified physician assistants. All of our Certified Cosmetic Specialists (CCS) have received careful and extensive training in the various cosmetic procedures offered at AE.

Dr. Ruth Rustad is the medical director of Advanced Aesthetics. As Medical Director of AE, Dr. Rustad provides AE’s patients with the most current, medically-proven cosmetic treatments available. She keeps up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and treatments. Dr. Ruth Rustad has taught cosmetic procedure courses to the Advanced Esthetics staff, as well as other dermatologists and PAs in the community.

Our physicians have broad and widespread training well beyond their medical school and residency training. They also continue to seek out and complete specialized continuing medical training courses for the various cosmetic procedures offered at AE. Our PAs have a mix of continuing medical education courses, as well as specialized AE in-depth courses. Our nurses and our other cosmetic specialists have received extensive training from in-depth and extensive courses and testing protocol required at Advanced Esthetics.

All of AE’s Certified Cosmetic Specialists have over 1,000 hours of training, which includes lectures, demonstrations, practice sessions, written and practical tests, periodic reevaluations with review of information, uniform standards for evaluation and verification, and additional practice sessions to maintain and increase their expertise. Our advanced and rigorous training provides you with the best medically-proven procedures for cosmetic dermatology in Minneapolis, MN.

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Cosmetic Dermatology
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